Peachey Keene Birthday Party Course
The PK birthday course is intended to teach beginning students everything they need to know to get started in the exciting art of performing birthday shows. This course will also help seasoned pro's get some new ideas for there shows.
The following is a brief outline of subjects covered:
A. Picking your target audience
1 age groups
2 travel distance
3 income levels
B. Putting together your show
1 Magic
2 balloons
3 facepainting
4 games
C. Formatting your performance
1. entrance
2. set up
3. actual performance
4. making your get away
D. Booking
1. advertising
2. when you get the phone call **
3. closing the sale
a. number of children
b. good directions
c. when to arrive
d. phone numbers
e. birthday childs name
4. referrals
a. getting referrals
b. referring others
E. Follow -up
1. thank you notes
2. recalls
F. professionalism

Birthday Party Course - Price $20.00 + shipping


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