Foam Magic Props

Foam props for magicians, clowns and other entertainers.

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   Magical Moon Rock
Foam rock that turns into a piece of green cheese. This is a great walkaround prop.
PKP/1132 - $15.00

 Comedy Crayon
This crayon is the same size as the small pencil. While red is the most popular color it can be customized to your favorite color.
PKP/1138 - $15.00

Jumbo Pencil
Realistic looking pencil that is 4 inches in diameter and 15 inchs long.
PKP/1130 - $25.00

Small Pencil
This pencil is not really small. It is 3 inches in diameter and 15 inches long.
PKP/1137 - $15.00

For a stunning effect place the comedy crayon,small pencil and a 30 inch magic wand (PKP/1105) in a pringles potato chip can. When doing the magic coloring book routine you can produce the 3 Peachey Keene Props from the can and receive thunderous applause from the audience.


 Comedy Magic Wands
Giant Magic Wands made of soft foam. Great for stage or parades.

2 inch X 15 inch - PKP/1104 - $15.00

3 inch X 30 inch - PKP/1105 - $20.00

4 inch X 30 inch - PKP/1106 - $35.00


Sucker trick video

 Jumbo Foam Sucker Trick
Six inch round lollipop changes colors 4 times. The surprise ending to this trick makes it the perfect "sucker" gag. Very visible from a distance. Good for stage or circus.
PKP/1108 - $15.00


Click here for video

 Rainbow Production Birthday Cake
Here is a three layer Birthday cake that magically appears inside a previously empty cake pan. An original creation from PEACHEY KEENE PROPS and a must for every birthday party entertainer - Clown or Magician.
Three popular sizes to choose from.
Chick Pan Cake - 4" X 6" - PKP/1115A-Chick - $35.00

Dove Pan Cake - 6" x 11" - PKP/1115-Dove - $45.00

Duck Pan Cake - 4 layer - 8" X 14" - PKP/1115B-Duck - $65.00

All cakes designed to fit pans built by Morrissey Magic LTD.
   Birthday Burger
Double Decker burger with a candle that can be produced from a dove pan. The magic word is Happy Burger not Happy Birthday.
PKP/1198 - $40.00
  Production Flower
Flower that can be produced from a dove pan. Single stem with silk flower petals. Flower petal colors vary.
PKP-1243 - $40.00
   Production Cross
Cross that can be produced from a dove pan.This is a very powerful production.
PKP-1242 - $35.00

 Multiplying Carrotts Video

 Multiplying Carrots

Produce as mant carrots as you wish with this slight of hand prop.

PKP 1114 - $10.00


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