Meet Peachey Keene
Since the late 1970's , Steve "Peachey Keene" Long has been involved in the operation of a full time business consisting of professional clowning, balloon deliveries and decorating, retail magic, clowning supplies,and clown prop construction. He has been lecturing on these subjects at various Clown Conferences and for local groups all across the country since 1985.
Peachey Keene Props is a unique business that Steve created to provide entertainers with the best foam props available. Since it's creation people from all over the world have been turning to Peachey for their props. Some notable customers include Warner Bros. (Batman Forever) Universal Studios (Patch Adams, starring Robin Williams) and many circuses.
Steve has a unique style of teaching that conveys a message that all aspects of Clowning are important. Whether you are a part time clown for the fun of it or someone who earns a good portion of your livelihood through clowning, Peachey Keene has something to offer you.
Clowns of America International has also honored Steve by appointing him as an "Artist in Residence" for the years 2000 - 2001.

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