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Are you looking for quality training for your clown group?

This is it!

Training programs for Clown Groups!

Peachey University has been providing top notch training for clowns and other entertainers for over 20 years.

We will make you a better entertainer by providing instruction and inspiration from one of the best teachers in the country.

You will be amazed at the knowledge that Peachey Keene has aquired.
Peachey will be sharing this experience with you at every event.

Steve "Peachey Keene" Long has a unique style of teaching that conveys a message that all aspects of Clowning are important. Whether you are a part time clown for the fun of it or someone who earns a good portion of your livelihood through clowning, Peachey Keene has something to offer you.

Since the late 1970's the clowning arts have been a full time passion for, Steve "Peachey Keene" Long including; live performance, personal instruction and coaching, Peachey Keene University events, hands on workshops and of course Peachey Keene Props.
Peachey Keene has been lecturing on these subjects at various Clown Conferences and for local groups all across the country . Peachey Keene Props is a unique business that Steve created to provide entertainers with the best foam props available. Since it's creation people from all over the world have been turning to Peachey for their props. Some notable customers include Warner Bros. (Batman Forever) Universal Studios (Patch, starring Robin Williams) and many circuses.
Clowns of America International has also honored Steve by appointing him as an "Artist in Residence" for the years 2000 - 2001.

Peachey University Extension Services
Classic Clown Training
For Todays Clowns

What we offer:

1 hour classes with plenty of time at
the end of each class for questions.

Exciting sessions that will keep you
on the edge of your seat.

Hands on instruction so that you can practice what you learn.

Many different dynamic topics of instruction to choose from.

Every class is full of information you can take home and use now.


Training packages available:

- One Day Training -

- Weekend training-
(Friday and Saturday)

- Evening Ally Training-

2 hours plus of training

- Convention Lectures-

- Vendor show-

Types of Classes offered by Peachey University

Peachey Keene's Top Ten Performance Tips:

Sight Gags and Walkarounds

Live Birthday Party Show

Skits from Scratch

Don't Just Do Something Stand There (paradability)

The "Pratfalls" Of Being A Clown

Make Up Design and Application

Character Developement

Basic Balloon Sculpture

Skit Tune Up


How to use that Prop

And many more...

We can tailor all classes to fit your special needs!

Rates start as low as $25/ person + travel expenses
(With a minimum of 30 students)


For class descriptions please
check our website or call us!
724-632-5447 or Click Here

All classes are geared toward the students gaining as much knowledge as possible while having tons of FUN.