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These specials will change periodicaly so check back often.

Remember the special prices on these items may be discontinued at any time.

 Squirt Watermelon
A hidden squirt bottle in this 3"X12" melon makes it a true "Water" melon.
PKP/1111 - $20.00

Special Price - $15.00


  Jumbo Creamsicle
12 X 18 X 3 inch ice cream bar on a stick. Can be used as walk around or parade prop.

Special Price - $25.00


 Jumbo Popcorn Box and Popcorn
This is a giant popcorn box with a giant popcorn kernel inside. When doing a walk-around you tell the audience that you love these boxes of jumbo popcorn. They think it is just a big box full of regular sized popcorn until you pull out the giant kernel. PKP/1212 - $35.00

Special Price - $25.00


 105 MM Flash Camera
Giant camera that looks great when used in walk arounds or parades. The audience is flabbergasted when the unit on top actually flashes to simulate the taking of their picture.
PKP/1143.1 - $100.00

Special Price - $90.00


  Foam Hot Dog (Frank)
14 inches long and over 5 inches in diameter. Complete with mustard and onions. This size hot dog fits into an invisible dog leash to become your pet dog frank. (leash not included)
PKP/1100 - $20.00

Special Price - $15.00


  Shave the Whales
This giant razor is a good parade prop because it is very Punny.
PKP/1203 - $40.00

Special Price - $35.00

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