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Hi and welcome to the first installment of "The Peachey Keene Newsletter!"

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed about New Products, Lecture Schedules and any other info you might like hear about. We are open to suggestions about content.

Upcoming Events:

September 17-22 Clownfest 2002

October 4-6 Kentucky ClownDerby

October 19 Mid East Clown Convention Silver Spring, MD

Peachey's Performance Tips:

Excert from the instruction manual "Have a Peachey Keene Birthday"

Target Audience

Picking your target audience is a very important step that should be done early on in your planning stage. You want to know the answers to a few questions before any prospective clients call for a party. The three main questions are: what age groups do you want to perform for, what is the distance you will travel for a party and what income levels do you want to target.
When picking the age groups for which you want to perform consider the type of show you do. Children age 1-4 are not impressed by magic. They think all grownups can do it, it is just something they haven't yet learned. Age 5-9 love a magic show as long as they can interact with it. Age 10 and up have varied interests and sometimes don't react well to clowns. It isn't cool. This age group would probably rather see a show with more "normal" performers, ie: magicians, jugglers, ventriloquists, etc. I personally prefer to perform for children in the first two age groups. Remember that a birthday party for a 1-2 year old child is actually for the family and friends so there will be kids of all ages attending the party.
Travel distance should be measured in time not miles. If you live in a large congested city it might take you as long to travel 5 miles as it would someone in the country to travel 30 miles. I have a map of the area in which I will travel to. On this map, starting from the center, I have drawn circles with the center starting at my house. All I have to do is locate where the party is and count the circles to determine how long it will take to get to the party. It depends on how many parties a day you want to perform as to how far you will travel. I personally do not like to do more than 3 parties a day, but more about that in the section on pricing.
Considering income levels of the target group may sound discriminatory but it should be done. Low, middle and high income families all have different needs and the party you plan for them should reflect those needs. Having a clown come to their party may be a low income families event of the year. The entire family will watch the show and it is a very rewarding time for the entertainer and the family. Middle income families sometimes have a clown as a status symbol and if you can get the adults to watch the show all will have a good time. High income families sometimes hire a clown to act as a baby sitter and you should be adamant when booking the show that at least a couple of adults watch the show to help control the children. High income children have "seen it all" and are hard to impress. When picking your target income groups be aware of your performance skills and choose accordingly. Most of all don't perform down to any of these children. No matter what their background, remember they are children and all children love to laugh.

Clown Products Review


We would like to inform everyone that is up and running. This is where you will find the latest and greatest in foam props.

1. The "He Loves Me Flower". available exclusivley thru Peachey Keene Props.
The "He Loves Me Flower" is a 10 inch foam multi colored daisy on a 12 inch stem. You remove the petals saying "He loves me and He loves me not." and at the end you ask "Who loves me?". You then remove the center of the flower and display a cross. This is a very powerful effect.

2.Peachey Keene Birthday Party Course.
The PK birthday course is intended to teach beginning students everything they need to know to get started in the exciting art of performing birthday shows. This course will also help seasoned pro's get some new ideas for there shows.

3.Pie In The Face Pie
Finally you can use the age old standard of ,a pie in the face, without the fear of injury. Hitting someone with a pie has allways been a dangerous bit of business. Now with "The Pie in Face Pie" most of thet danger is eliminated.

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