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Hello once again! It is Christmas time and I hope everyone is having a joyous and prosperous season. We here at Peachey Keene Productions are doing well, the market has rebounded from 9-11 and there is great hope for the future.

I am very exited about a few things and thought I would share them with you. Number one is about my grandchildren. Erin and Shannon are growing into fine young ladies and are interested in almost everything (this makes it easy to shop for christmas gifts). They are now horseback riding with there parents, attending dance class, playing soccer, learning the piano and sax, and keeping their Grampy on his toes trying to keep up with them.

I have also more than doubled my Christmas shows this year by following some of the tips in an e-book series called "Fill in the Holes". This series has some wonderful tips and I encourage everyone to read it.

In this newsletter we are going to share with you some valuable tips on advertising , an article by A.M.Pohl on professionalism and launch a new segment called "Ask the Experts". This is where you can send us questions and experts from around the country will do their best to answer them for you. We also are including a product review of some of Peacheys Props and a schedule of events where Peachey will be lecturing in the upcoming months.

So here goes, on with the newsletter

Upcoming Events:

Feb. 22-24 2003 ------------- Circus Magic -------------http://www.circus

March 7-9 2003-------------- Pittsburgh Performing Arts Ministry--------------Contact - Elaine Scalf - 724-468-8153

April 8-13 2003---------------C.O.A.I. Annual Convention-------------

To invite us to your event or inquire about instruction E-mail us now at

Peachey's Performance Tips:

Excert from the instruction manual "Have a Peachey Keene Birthday"


There are may publications addressing the art of promotion. Purchase and read as many of these as you can. One good idea from a book is well worth the purchase price. It is generally agreed that word of mouth is the best advertising but it is not a stand alone proposition. If you are relying on word of mouth alone it could take years to develop a large clientela.
The first thing you need is a telephone yellowpage listing. Depending on your budget this could be a two line listing with your name and phone number a full page ad with pictures or anything in between. One very important hinge about a phone listing is that any prospective client will look in "the Book" first when they are ready to hire a clown. The only problem with a new business is the publication date for the phone book. If you miss getting a spot in this year it will be a full year until you get in the next one.
If you missed the phone book, newspaper ads work well but to be effective you must place an ad every week so that your number is always available. Once your number is in the phone book you can cut back on the newspaper ads. You then only need to keep your name recognizable.
One way to get your name out there is to attend functions free of charge. Sometimes an event coordinator will let you do balloons or facepaint for tips and you can hand out literature at the same time. Be careful doing this and only do it on a limited basis. You do not want to get the reputation as being a free clown.
Sometimes you can get bookings from a party planner or a booking agent. These agencies will charge you a fee for their services so be sure to ad this amount to the price you are willing to work for.
You can also put up fliers on bulliten boards at the mall and other public places. These are hit and miss at best so don't rely to heavily on them.
Some people paint there cars with fancy designs and put their name and phone number on them for all to see. This could be good advertising but it could also be an invitation for vandels or other missguided people. You should also check with your insurance company and see if it voids your coverage. Some insurers require a corporate policy if there is advertising on your car.
Speaking of insurance, you should definatly invest in some sort of entertainers insurance. It is better to be safe than sorry.
You should learn who the other clowns in your area are. Introduce yourself to them and offer to give them any jobs that you can't handle. If they would like you could let them see one of your shows and perhaps you could attend one of theirs. That way you could refer each other without the fear of them doing a subpar performance and ruining your reputation.
Your reputation is the most important product you sell. One bad experience or dissatisfied customer can ruin years of good work.

What's getting in your way!

Three Barriers to Your Professionalism

by A. M. Pohl, The Oh My Gosh! Co.

When someone uses the word "professional" we assume things about the person. More over they are assuming certain things about themselves. In asking entertainers what a professional is we discovered three basic types. I define them here.

First - the Plastic or Imitation professional:

A person who lives and works in his/her profession in a fear based way and suffers the consequences of the barriers her or she lives with. This person is said to be self 'ish' as opposed to self 'full' and is totally encumbered by self doubt and lack. This makes up the majority of 'so called' professionals everywhere according to the people we talked to. It seems it's a human difficulty not just a professional one.

Next - the Paid Only professional:

In the way we are using the term here people said it is when, being paid is the only thing that makes the person professional. In other words their actions are not professional per say but they feel the mere fact that they are being paid for the work makes them professional. They most likely have not created the rest of the dynamic and so live in lack in spite of what they wish to achieve.

Lastly - the True professional:

In our conversations this is considered authentically professional. This is the highest and best idea you've had about you, your profession and your clients. It ends up that it's really about what kind of person you are and how you are with others that people perceive as professional, and then what kind of professional. A very human dynamic indeed. Ok fine you say, these are people's perceptions of professionalism. If this is so obvious then why do people choose the first or second scenario and not just jump right into the ideal , true professional? It is because there are many barriers to your professionalism. Here we will discuss three of those barriers and their causes.





We should not confuse this with the ego itself. Ego can be a very positive thing. Self confidence, assertiveness and other traits are ego based and necessary for your success. Egotism as we're using it here is not so useful. This is the type of ego we see when we observe someone who seemingly places themselves central to everything, most important, all important. The problem here is the lack of respect for others and yourself. Egotism is a symptom of fear, fear of lack. It is the very acceptance of lack and a mistrust the abundance in the world. This person has no room for Love of self or professionalism. In thinking of your clients and the people around you, If you think you're "doing them a favor" by performing for them or even just being around them, you need to look at this dynamic working in your life.



The word speaks for itself. To fully understand why it's a barrier however, we must look at another word, complacency. This is the word we use when we aren't considering the 3 C's Triad. A lack of caring and effort are simply habits and so changeable. So it can be said that laziness is a result of refusal to change, stagnation then occurs. Motivating yourself out of these habits is a matter of conscious thought and consistent effort. The difficult part is, as they say, the decision to do so.



This word is connected to many emotions most of them negative. Visions of cutthroat business men destroying peoples lives for profit, enter out minds. This commercialized version complicates the word making it feel distant and helps us to excuse it as someone else's problem not our barrier. Greed is wanting and working to obtain more than you need. This is not to say there is a limit to what you may have, earn or own. More that when you are consumed by the very idea that more is necessary always and at the expense of everything else, you have been caught in the trap of greed. This stems from the same fear of lack as egotism. It has only manifested in another way. It will help you to remind yourself that the world is a store house for all things.


We have explored three of the barriers to professionals today. But what of solutions? The 3 C's triad can help define ways to push through these barriers and release our selves to more productive boundaries. The c's stand for caring, Caring and CARING!


The 3 C's Triad

1. Caring about your over all profession and reputation there in.

In creating your standards of professionalism you must care not only about yourself but how it affects your profession in general. (I.e. the plumber you are effects how people view plumbing in general. ) Society's view of your profession will be influenced by how you conduct yourself within your profession. Knowing this you can create, maintain and guard your reputation and that of everyone in your profession.

2. Caring about your clients and the people involved

The clients and people (yes all of them) that you make contact with are key to your success and the success of your profession. In dealing with people in the most ethical and courteous way, you create the most effective and lasting relationships with them.
Remember no people, no business. The more you care about the people, the more they will provide the future of your profession.

3. Caring about your skills

Every profession has specific skills needed to be effective on the job. Keeping your skills up to day and polished is essential to
success. There is always room for improvement as we know however, sometimes we must making room for out and out
transformation. Keep learning and keep sharing, these are the keys to professional skills.


There are many barriers and many objectives to becoming a true professional. This lesson alone will push your professionalism to a new level. However, remember that our learning environment must continue always in order to insure that we are maintaining and improving on our professionalism.


Have Fun out there people!

A.M. Pohl

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Ask The Experts


Dear Peachey and experts,

I've been a clown for a lot of years but I still think my show could use some help. I'd really love to take some classes from the pros, but never seem to be able to find classes.
How do I get close to the pros. and find classes?

Clown unsigned.

There are many ways to find classes and get to meet the pros. There are also a lot of conferences and conventions held at various locations throughout the country. To start, take a look at the schedule of events at the top of our newsletter. We have posted there where "Peachey Keene" along with other top educators will be lecturing. You can Log onto or these two sites are full of information for entertainers and performing artists. Both offer private instruction and will answer any questions you may have. They also have link pages to other pros. Another good way to find more about clowning is to contact a clown ally in your area. Many clown clubs advertise lecture events featuring some of the top pros. Lastly don't forget to look for the website of the pro. you want to see.

Best Fishes, Steve "Peahey Keene" Long

Dear experts,
I have been clowning for two years and now I am ready to ad a new character to my repetore'. Do you have any suggestions on how I should go about this.

Thank you,
Jasper the clown


Hi Jasper,

Congradulations on your two years of performance. You must feel very good that you've stuck with it this far. And yet you're just begining to find out what rewards and work are involved.

The character a person already performs, is a three dimentional being and may be all a performer needs to express themselves their whole life through. But I'll tell you, it can indeed be very rewarding expressing yourself through other characters. The trick is knowing what you want to express. As a character actress myself for over 30 years I perform many different original characters on a regular basis.

When deciding whether to stretch yourself in this direction, there are a few things to take into account.

First: Will expanding into another character take away from the performance of your original?
Some people simply cannot extend themselves in this way. Where they may be all talented and able to perform anything (Balloons, Magic, juggling...) this does not mean they can change themselves from one person to another. It's a Love it or Hate it kind of thing. Don't force yourself. It may be you only need to transform and change your present charcter. Remember too that it will take time for your new charcter to become known and that you will be pulled between characters in your work. This isn't for everyone.

Secondly: Do you need another character?
This means it's necessary for you to diversify in order to work. ie. Your client has requested a particular kind of character. So you need to create it.

Also: If you go for it, don't hold back. There is no cheating in creating a character. No matter if you have one or
one hundred, each charcter you perform has to be fully developed. History, clothing, makeup, hair everything. You can't change a costume and say "hey' here's the new character". So be prepared to work hard and long. It's worth it.

In closing, start with what you want to express and ask yourself the above questions. As long as you're willing and uncomprimising in your approach you won't have any trouble.

A.M. "Skipper" Pohl Owner/Founder of The Oh My Gosh! Co. First in
performance education.

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Clown Products Review


We would like to inform everyone that is up and running. This is where you will find the latest and greatest in foam props.

Foam Hot Dog (Frank)
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Rainbow Production Birthday Cake
Here is a three layer Birthday cake that magically appears inside a previously empty cake pan. An original creation from PEACHEY KEENE PROPS and a must for every birthday party entertainer - Clown or Magician.
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Bug Eyed Binoculars
These binoculars are large enough to be seen at a great distance and are very colorful.. (yellow and hot pink are the standard color), custom colors are available on request. Peachey uses these in his stage shows when looking for that special audience volunteer. click here to order

Production Snowman -14 inch high snowman that can be produced from a dove pan or someother production device. This prop is not only great for your Christmas shows but it also works well throughout the year. Imagine mistakenly producing a snowman in the summer during your birthday show. It is hillarious.

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