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Guess what? Peachey Keene Productions is 25 years old. Thats right I have been putting on the red nose "Professionaly" now for 25 short years. Where has the time gone. "I haven't grown any older " to quote an old cliche , I also haven't gotten much smarter or better looking. However I have gained many friends and not a few pounds and inches around the waistline.

During the past 25 years I have watched my daughter Stacey (SugarPop) grow into womanhood with a career and family of her own. Stacey, her husband Mark and her children Erin and Shannon have become the joys of my life. I thank God every day for their inspiration.

Peachey Keene Props has also grown over the years. It started out as a way to suppliment my clown habit and is now an internationaly known supplier of the very best foam props available. I am very proud of all the props we make. Everyone that buys a Peachey Keene Prop is not thought of as a customer but a friend. Here at Peachey Keene Props we do our best to make all of our friends happy.

We are going to celebrate our 25 anniversary with many sales and special offers to our friends. The first special is to offer free shipping on all orders over $50 untill the end februrary. This includes all custom made props and every item sold in our online catolog.

Upcoming Events:

April 20-24 2004---------------C.O.A.I. Annual Convention-------------

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Peachey's Performance Tips:

Excert from the instruction manual "Have a Peachey Keene Birthday"

Designing Your Show


Everyone has different skills and talents that they should exploit. This does not mean you shouldn't develop other skills but that your best skills should be the main focal point of your show.
Most birthday parties revolve around some type show. This is a great way to gather all of the guests into one central location and let the clown show off his or her skills. The show might consist of magic, songs, storytelling, puppets, balloons, facepainting, juggling, or any other skill that can be presented in an entertaining "look what I can do" format. Any of these performance types should rely heavily on audience participation.
You can mix and match these skills or put together a show using only one. I usually mix facepainting or balloon sculpture and a magic show for my birthday performance. Magic is a popular and probably the most used type of performance. Over the past 20 years I have developed a formula that works for me in putting together a magic show. This formula seems to work for any type of magic show I do whether it is for a birthday party or a stage show with hundreds of audience members. The only thing that changes is the sound system and sometimes the length of show. For a birthday party I like to keep the magic portion 20 - 30 minutes long. Anything longer would stretch the attention span of the audience to it's limit.


Ask The Experts

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Clown Products Review


We would like to inform everyone that is up and running. This is where you will find the latest and greatest in foam props.

  Deluxe Ham Sandwich
For a light lunch try one of our foam sandwiches. They come with all the fixin's. Ham (pig shaped) ,Tomato,pickle.cheese and lettuce)
PKP/1120 - $15.00

 Jumbo Creamsicle
12 X 18 X 3 inch ice cream bar on a stick. Can be used as walk around or parade prop.

Pie In The Face Pie

Finally you can use the age old standard of ,a pie in the face, without the fear of injury. Hitting someone with a pie has allways been a dangerous bit of business. Now with "The Pie in Face Pie" most of thet danger is eliminated.

"The Pie in Face Pie" is a 10 inch soft foam pie crust that cushions the blow of being hit with a pie. This means that you can hit a little harder making the foam fly with visual impact. You can use any filling for the foam but we recomend shaving cream. Shaving cream cleans up easier and looks very good when it flys. "The Pie in Face Pie" can be cleaned with clear water and dried to be used over and over. Get one today and put that standard comedy gag in your show with out fear of injury.

Item #1252 - "The Pie in Face Pie" price - $25.00 + shipping

We will be offering special prices on selected Peachey Keene Props.

Please check this page often as these specials will be changed periodically.

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