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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Peachey Keene Newsletter,

Wow, what a hectic couple of months. The 2004 COAI annual convention is now history. The clown alley in Corpus Christi , TX really knows how to throw a party. The Pirate party at the site of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria was awesome. We all put on our best Pirate garb and toured the ships as a preliminary to a great DJ with dancing to the wee hours of the morning.

I was lucky enough to meet Patch Adams and finally see what he was really like. What an eye opening experience, Patch was nothing like I had expected. I had never met a person with that much compassion and genius ability. His performance during the skit competition taught us all a valuable lesson.

Speaking of competition, it was one of the best group of performers I have had the pleasure of watching in many years. I laughed, I cried, and I will remember it forever.

The turn out for my 3 lectures was incredible. Everyone that attended my seminars was attentive and very supportive. Without a good audience all of our lectures would fall flat. I hope that everyone took home with them some valuable information that will help them with their performances.

I have to relate one funny thing that happened after the group skit competition. I think I took the pirate theme a little too far that night. I looted a friends box lunch and ate their sandwich replacing it with a Capri Sun drink. I thought that I had gotten away with it when at 2:30 AM my phone rang and the voice on the other end was not seeing the humor in the situation. "Peachey Keene you rat. Where is my sandwich?" was all I could make out of the irate pirate on the other end. I think that if they could have gotten hold of me I would have been keel hauled on the spot. I did however make up for my piracy. The next day I presented them with a wonderful club sandwich from the hotel restaurant. Timing is everything, They had just finished paradability competition and was famished. Whew, I got of that one unscathed and a lot smarter.

Well after the 1600 mile drive home I have finally recuperated and am already looking to the future. I cannot wait to see all of my old friends and my new friends at the next event.

If you have never attended a clown conference I strongly advise you to do so. The friendships and knowledge you will attain are priceless.

See ya down the road.

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Excerpt from the instruction manual "Have a Peachey Keene Birthday"

Begining Your Show


When arriving at the birthday party you should not just walk in and start setting up. This has a tendency to frighten the smaller kids and threaten the older ones. I always knock on the door (or let my presence be known in some other way , if the party is outside) and explain to the kids that I am looking for a party and thought maybe they knew where one was. The kids almost always start screaming "It's here. It's here". I then ask to be invited in and tell them that if I can attend that I'll do a show for them. After being asked in I try to find the birthday child. I look all over the room congratulating everyone but the real birthday child. Finally locate them and ask if they have a license to have a party. Since they do not I inspect the party making sure that the 3 most important things are here. A cake, presents and guests, since all of the requirements are filled I then present the birthday child with a custom certificate telling them that they are allowed to be this age for one full year. (note that on the bottom of the license there is a phone number where they can get a license for next year).
After setting up my magic table in as suitable spot. (try to pick a place that is easily defended has a back wall and if the party is outside , in the shade). The very first thing I do is a warm-up. All audiences need warmed up, most kids are used to watching television and not interacting with a live performance. You should introduce yourself and teach the audience to applaud. I usually do this by having the girls compete against the boys in a clapping contest. Have all of the girls clap and yell yay as loud as they can. Then have the boys try to "out loud" the girls. Then give the girls one more chance. Always end up in a tie and have all kids give it one more try to see how loud they all can be. This contest serves two purposes, one is that it lets the kids see that they are allowed to make noise when it is appropriate and it helps call the people that did not come over to the performance area.

To be continued......

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Jumbo Popcorn Box and Popcorn
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Pie In The Face Pie

Finally you can use the age old standard of ,a pie in the face, without the fear of injury. Hitting someone with a pie has allways been a dangerous bit of business. Now with "The Pie in Face Pie" most of thet danger is eliminated.

"The Pie in Face Pie" is a 10 inch soft foam pie crust that cushions the blow of being hit with a pie. This means that you can hit a little harder making the foam fly with visual impact. You can use any filling for the foam but we recomend shaving cream. Shaving cream cleans up easier and looks very good when it flys. "The Pie in Face Pie" can be cleaned with clear water and dried to be used over and over. Get one today and put that standard comedy gag in your show with out fear of injury.

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