Foam Fire Safty Props

Selection of foam props designed for entertainers presenting fire safty programs.

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 Stop - Drop - Roll
Giant Stop ,Drop and Roll signs that can be used in fire Safty programs.
Stop (22"X22") - PKP/1134 - $75.00

Drop (22"X36")- PKP/1135 - $75.00

Roll (22"X36")- PKP/1136 - $75.00

Cellular Phone (22"X36")
Giant phone to teach children how to dial 911 in an emergency.
PKP/1166 - $125.00

Jumbo Smoke Alarm(21"X3")
Fire safety is fun when using giant props like this Smoke Alarm.
PKP/1167 - $75.00

Safety House(22X36")
Foam house facade that is used to show exits, etc. during a fire safety show.
PKP/1165 - $75.00

   Fire Ax
This one isn't for chopping but it work well with a Fireman character.
PKP/1204 - $20.00
   Fire Hydrant (6"X10")
This fire hydrant is 15 inches tall and can be produced from a dove pan.
PKP/1197 - $40.00
   Jumbo Matchbook
This giant book of matches looks great and is a good visual aid when doing fire safety shows.
PKP/1149 - $30.00

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