Food props

From the jumbo Hot Dog to the Knuckle Sandwich

these food props are the best you can find anywhere.

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 Foam Hot Dog (Frank)
14 inches long and over 5 inches in diameter. Complete with mustard and onions. This size hot dog fits into an invisible dog leash to become your pet dog frank. (leash not included)
PKP/1100 - $25.00

   String of Foam Sausages
At 2 inches in diameter and 30 inches long these mini hotdogs make a great production item.
PKP/1101 - $20.00



 Large Foam Banana
Soft and flexible, can be produced from a variety of magical apparatus. Use as a wand when the magic word is "Have a banana".
PKP/1102 - $15.00

Large Foam Carrot
Soft and flexible, can be produced from a variety of magical apparatus. Even Roger Rabbit would like a bite of this one.
PKP/1103 - $15.00

   Squirt Watermelon
A hidden squirt bottle in this 3"X12" melon makes it a true "Water" melon.
PKP/1111 - $25.00

 Chocolate Chip Cookie
Soft and flexible cookie that can be used as a frisbee or a parade prop.
PKP/1112 - $12.00

Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie
24 inch diameter cookie that looks as if it could satisfy any sweet tooth.
PKP/1112J - $40.00

   Jumbo Creamsicle
12 X 18 X 3 inch ice cream bar on a stick. Can be used as walk around or parade prop.
   Rainbow Production Birthday Cake
Here is a three layer Birthday cake that magically appears inside a previously empty cake pan. An original creation from PEACHEY KEENE PROPS and a must for every birthday party entertainer - Clown or Magician.
Three popular sizes to choose from.
Chick Pan Cake - 4" X 6" - PKP/1115A-Chick - $35.00

Dove Pan Cake - 6" x 11" - PKP/1115-Dove - $40.00

Duck Pan Cake - 4 layer - 8" X 14" - PKP/1115B-Duck - $65.00

All cakes designed to fit pans built by Morrissey Magic LTD.

 Foam Fish Products
These cartoony looking fish products are approximately
15 inches long and are painted in bright colors.

Fish Sandwich - PKP/1123 - $25.00

Fish Skeleton Sandwich - PKP/1124 - $25.00

Squirt Fish Sandwich - PKP/1123S - $25.00

Fish Skeleton - PKP/1125 - $20.00

Rainbow Trout - PKP/1126 - $20.00

Holey Mackerel - PKP/1127 - $20.00
   Birthday Burger
Double Decker burger with a candle that can be produced from a dove pan. The magic word is Happy Burger not Happy Birthday.
PKP/1198 - $40.00
   Deluxe Ham Sandwich
For a light lunch try one of our foam sandwiches. They come with all the fixin's. Ham (pig shaped) ,Tomato,pickle.cheese and lettuce)
PKP/1120 - $25.00


 P K P Burger
A Taste tempting treat of two beef patties on a double decker bun. Complete with cheese, pickle, and tomato. But, don't eat this mouthwatering delight because it tastes a little spongy. This is a wonderfully made production item.
PKP/1118 - $20.00
   Pizza with Pizazz
Here is a full sized pizza complete with mushrooms, pepperoni, cheese and DOMINOES.
PKP/1158 - $20.00

Want Fries

Foam french fries in a foam box. The fries may be removed from the box 1 at a time. Approximately double the size of real fries.

PKP-1250 - $25.00


Video of Knuckle Sandwich

 Knuckle Sandwich
The name of this sandwich says it all.
PKP/1196 - $25.00


 "Soft" Ice cream Cone
23 inches high, hollow with a fake tongue to"give a lick" . Great walk around or parade gag.
PKP/1186 - $60.00

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