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Steve "Peachey Keene" Long has a unique style of teaching that conveys a message that all aspects of Clowning are important. Whether you are a part time clown for the fun of it or someone who earns a good portion of your livelihood through clowning, Peachey Keene has something to offer you.
Clowns of America International has also honored Steve by appointing him as an "Artist in Residence" for the years 2000 - 2001.

Here are a few of the lectures currently available

Peachey Keene's Top Ten Performance Tips:

You've got your Script, props, wardrobe and make-up. Now what? Peachey Keene will discuss with you what he believes to be the top skills required for an outstanding performance.

Sight Gags and Walkarounds

An easy laugh is sometimes the best laugh. Using sight gags you can sometimes get a laugh without saying a word. Peachey Keene will show you how to use sight gags and share with you some of his favorite walk-around routines.

Live Birthday Party Show

Over 3000 birthday parties have taught Steve 'Peachey Keene' Long some valuable lessons. Watch him perform a simulated Birthday Party and you will be entertained as he shares some of this information with you so that your birthday parties will be a smash , not a crash.

Skits from Scratch

Learn to create your own material by writing skits. The mechanics of skit writing will be discussed as well as brainstorming techniques.

Don't Just Do Something Stand There

We will be discussing different things to do in parades, from what props to carry , how to interact with the bystanders to what to do when the parade stops.

The "Pratfalls" Of Being A Clown: All Levels

Over twenty years of clowning has taught Peachey Keene many valuable lessons on proper clown behavior. Not everyone loves a clown! Join Peachey for his humorous and heartwarming recollections that entertain as well as teach you how to get out of those "touchy" situations.

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