Foam Ministry Props

Get the message across with these foam props designed for the discriminating Christian Performer.

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   Holey Bible
Very funny gag when doing ministry presentations. It is a foam bible that has holes drilled into the inside pages. These holes also offer a place to put different sight gags. ie: Red C , the book of numbers , etc
PKP/1205 - $30.00
   Camel thru the Eye of the Needle
A funny take on a biblical parable. Useful when doing ministry presentations.
PKP/1150 - $20.00
   Production Cross
Cross that can be produced from a dove pan.This is a very powerful production.
PKP-1242 - $35.00
   Production Flower
Flower that can be produced from a dove pan. Single stem with silk flower petals. Flower petal colors vary.
PKP-1243 - $35.00


Flower Video

 He Loves Me Flower

The "He Loves Me Flower" is the newest addition to the

family of Peachey Keene Props.

Item # 1225 - Price is only $30.00 + shipping.

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