Miscellanious Foam Props

This is a wonderful collection of props that are in a catagory all their own.

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Video of Broken Heart

 Achin' Breakin' Heart
This broken heart will bring a tear to everyone's eye. But, you can cheer them up when you put it back together again. This is the one Sugar Pop and Peachey Keene use in their broken heart skit.
PKP/1178 - $15.00


Video of Alphabet Soup

 Alphabet Soup
Ten sight gags in alphabet form. This is a terrific story telling aid as well as being useful as funny puns for anyone's show: ie. blue J - Grey V - Black I etc.
PKP/1206 - $25.00
   Jumbo Foam Chicken Leg
Giant chicken leg. Approximately 15 inches long. This leg would make King Henry the Eighth's mouth water.
PKP/1216 - $30.00
   PKP "Hand" gun
A very funny complement to the jumbo gun and holster set. This gun butt has a large hand attached to it with the forefinger outstretched and the thumb sticking up. (The classic stick-em-up pose)
PKP/1188 - $30.00

 P K Pistol
The P K Pistol is Big! It is 24 inches long. The standard color is grey or red with yellow grips,but custom colors are available. It is the perfect accessory for cowboy and cowgirl clowns. The complete set comes with single holster,one P K Pistol,one bullet and one 15 inch pencil (for quick draws). The deluxe set has one double holster,one P K Pistol,two bullets,one large pencil and a Tack (hold over your head and shout "I'm under a tack!".

PK Pistol
PKP/1152 - $75.00

Single Holster
PKP/1181 - $50.00

Double Holster
PKP/1182 - $65.00

PKP/1153 - $8.00

Complete Single Holster Set
PKP/1183 - $125.00

Double Holster set
PKP/1184 - $165.00
   Clown Toy Guns
All kids like to play with toy guns. With these oversized firearms your character will be the envy of every kid on the block.
P K Pistol - PKP/1152 - $75.00

Ridiculous Rifle - PKP/1175 - $100.00

Silly Shotgun - PKP/1176 - $100.00
A jumbo iron that you pretend to use on an audience member after you tell them that you are with the press.
PKP/1192 - $30.00
   Jumbo Saw (colors vary)
Good for the carpenter or doctor clown. (use on soft wood)
PKP/1214 - $30.00
   Stilt Clown Shoes
Complete your stilt character with these custom made shoes. Made of lightweight foam in a variety of colors. Cowboy boots are shown. Call for sizing and type of stilts you require. (stilts not included)
Cowboy boots - PKP/1219 - $200.00

Clown Shoes - PKP/1220 - $100.00
 TNT Video  Jumbo T.N.T.
Large stick of dynamite for skit or walk around use. Looks great on the 4th of July.
PKP/1128 - $15.00
   Time Bomb
One of the most CARTOONY looking props we make. Great for fourth of July shows or as an indicator of when you will be back. Tell people that your last show was so good the audience gave you a parting gift of a nice bedside alarm clock.
PKP/1199 - $100.00
   Le Boom
A type of bomb that you see in many cartoons. It is funny but not intimidating because it is absolutely absurd.
PKP/1210 - $20.00


Mirror Video
 Facepainting Mirror
Very large and colorful mirror that is perfect for showing the child what they look like after they have been face painted.
PKP1232 - $40.00

 Video of Cartoony Cordless Phone
 Cartoony Cordless Phone
This giant phone is great for saftey shows (teach how to dial 911). Also it is a very funny walk-around prop when you just have to make a very important call.
PKP 1275- $70.00


Phunny Phones
These giant phone receivers have loops attached to them for attaching an elastic band or balloons. You can then perform the classic skit "Ring-Ring'.
PKP 1209 - $40.00

 Laughing Gas Video

 Laughing Gas:

This is an award winning skit and we have the prop for you.

Laughing Gas - $75.00


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