Stephen H. Long
Mountain Man
Teller of Tall Tales

Stephen H. long has a unique flair for spinning yarns. His years spent in the mountains and touring the country has provided him with a plethera of stories. While some of his tales are hard to believe "he claims that every story is true and happened just the way he told it" they are sure to delight and entertain the listener. Stephen also has a gift of gab that is perfect for meet and greet or strolling entertainment. Everyone that meets him instantly falls in love with him.

Especially the ladies, just ask him.

Adults and children alike adore Steve



 From the time Steve enters the door everyone knows that they are in for a "TALL" treat.

Steve's tall tales make for fun evening

"Tall Coyote's"  tales will make you laugh 'till your side hurts.


Steve never lies, he only streches the truth


 ...and that's just the way it happened.

The men have to keep a close watch on the ladies when Steve is around

 What a handsome profile.


A great school show or library presentation


 If you ain't careful you just might learn a little history.

Steve doesnt just tell tales he becomes part of them

 ...and it was only this big.


Perfect goodwill ambasador at festivals


 Keep your eye on the skyline and your nose to the wind.


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