Walk Around Props

If you perform walk-around,meet and greet shows, walk in parades or table hop in restaurants the props on this page are for you.

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 Ding-a-ling Alarm Clock
A very funny looking alarm clock that can be used for making time fly or to show when the next show is.
PKP/1189 - $35.00

 Best Seat in the House
Soft foam seat cushion that looks like it came from you know where. Can be used for walk - arounds, parades, meet and greets or as a ring toss game at picnics.
PKP/1148 - $20.00

 Bug Eyed Binoculars
These binoculars are large enough to be seen at a great distance and are very colorful.. (yellow and hot pink are the standard color), custom colors are available on request. Peachey uses these in his stage shows when looking for that special audience volunteer.
PKP/1145 - $40.00

 Bug eyed Periscope
This little periscope is great for looking over or around the curtain just before the show starts. The kids go crazy when they see it.
PKP/1173 - $20.00

Zig-Zag Telescope
Very comical looking telescope for your sailor character or looking around corners. This is a great sight gag.
PKP/1146 - $30.00

Craftsclown Wrench
15 inch open ended wrench that is good for fixing a wrenched back. Guaranteed funny for life.
PKP/1195 - $10.00

 Jumbo Creamsicle
12 X 18 X 3 inch ice cream bar on a stick. Can be used as walk around or parade prop.


Video of camera

 105 MM Camera
Jumbo camera with a hollow body and a hole thru the lens to wave at the audience. Colors vary as to availability.
PKP/1143 - $75.00

105 MM Flash Camera
Giant camera that looks great when used in walk arounds or parades. The audience is flabbergasted when the unit on top actually flashes to simulate the taking of their picture. Colors vary as to availability.
PKP/1143.1 - $110.00

 Cartoony Camera
Giant bellows type camera with slot in back for holding pictures. After taking a picture of someone with this camera you pull out a picture of your choice (monkey,funny looking person,a mirror or one of yourself "the film was loaded backwards") and show it to the audience. Colors vary as to availability.
PKP/1142 - $75.00

Flash Cartoony Camera
PKP/1142.1 - $110.00

  Funny Bone
This is a cute funny bone that is 15" long and 2" thick. Everyentertainer needs a good funny bone.
PKP/1194 - $10.00

 Hurricane Hair Dryer
If you are looking for a CARTOONY prop, here it is. This hair dryer is gigantic and comes complete with an "electric" cord and plug. All you need is an outlet large enough.
PKP/1160 - $40.00


 Jumbo Claw Hammer
Red and silver claw hammer with wooden handle.
PKP/1185 - $25.00

Circus Hammer(6"X10")
Red and yellow round mallet with a star on each end.
PKP/1129 -$25.00

 Hole in One
Another funny pun for all of your golf routines.
PKP/1179 - $8.00

 Jumbo Key (10 inches)
We used this key at a ceremony in which the key to Clown Town was given to the Mayor of a certain Ohio city. What a great way to get your picture in the paper.
PKP/1180 - $8.00

 Le Boom
A type of bomb that you see in many cartoons. It is funny but not intimidating because it is absolutely absurd.
PKP/1210 - $20.00


video of popcorn
 Jumbo Popcorn Box and Popcorn
This is a giant popcorn box with a giant popcorn kernel inside. When doing a walk-around you tell the audience that you love these boxes of jumbo popcorn. They think it is just a big box full of regular sized popcorn until you pull out the giant kernel. PKP/1212 - $40.00

A jumbo iron that you pretend to use on an audience member after you tell them that you are with the press.
PKP/1192 - $30.00

 Shave the Whales
This giant razor is a good parade prop because it is very Punny.
PKP/1203 - $45.00

 Jumbo T.N.T.
Large stick of dynamite for skit or walk around use. Looks great on the 4th of July.
PKP/1128 - $15.00

 Giant Toothbrush (36 inches)
You should always brush after every meal and with this 36 inch long toothbrush you won't miss a thing. Colors vary
PKP/1161 - $45.00

  Large Clown Tooth
Foam Tooth that is a great addition to the Giant Toothbrush. Comes in two sizes.
Large-PKP/1162 - $10.00

Giant-PKP/1163 - $15.00

 PKP Tack
Giant tack that can be held over your head while saying "Help I'm under a tack!"
PKP/1151 - $10.00


Video of Ice Cream

 "Soft" Ice cream Cone
23 inches high, hollow with a fake tongue to"give a lick" . Great walk around or parade gag.
PKP/1186 - $60.00

 Comedy "Blue" Tooth
A 3" X 4" X 2" Foam Blue Tooth. It can be hung on your ear and you can point to it and say "Excuse me , I have a call coming in on my Bluetooth". It is a very funny gag.

PKP/1272 - #15.00

Turkey Sandwich video

 Comedy "Turkey" Sandwich
A sandwich with a mirror in it so you can so the audience a real turkey. only $8.00

 Capped tooth video

 Capped Tooth

Show everyone that you have a newly capped tooth - $12.00


Video of Hair in a Bun

 Hair in a bun

Sow that you have put your hair in a bun - $12.00


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